At MORIA, we believe the power of words has been and forever will be. We want to encounter writing that makes people think; poetry and story and memoir that generate questions; ideas and obsessions that spark hearts as well as break them. Issue Three is set for publication on April 29, 2019.

We are currently closed to new submissions. Please check back in August 2019, when we will re-open to submissions for Issue Four.

If you are a current or recent student at Woodbury University, a faculty member of Woodbury University, or a staff member of Woodbury University, you are eligible for publication in the ATHENA online magazine site, which is a sister publication to MORIA. Poets and writers outside of the Woodbury University community should use one of the three other forms to submit their work to MORIA. This form is *only* open to the Woodbury University community.

We consider all submissions on a continuous, rolling basis. You may submit in any genre--poetry, fiction, non-fiction--including hybrid or cross-over expressions of the same

You may also submit photographs for consideration for the pages of MORIA Literary Magazine, where we pair one photograph with each professional piece we publish.

We ask that you adhere to the following set of guidelines when presenting your work for submission to ATHENA:

  • send up to a total of five poems; or one piece of fiction of 1,500 words or less; or one piece of creative non-fiction or standard non-fiction of 1,500 words or less;
  • send up to a total of three photographs for consideration; please include a title for each photograph;
  • gather poems together in a single document for submission;
  • send only work that is previously unpublished, including on personal blog sites;
  • include a cover letter in the body of the email that makes note of the title(s) of the work and offers a brief bio, written in the conventional third-person style;
  • note in your cover letter whether the work you are sending is a simultaneous submission (we accept circulating manuscripts but ask that you inform us via Submittable as soon as possible if any of your submitted pieces are accepted elsewhere);
  • make sure poetry is single-spaced (unless the form demands otherwise) and prose is double-spaced; arrange only one poem per page;
  • we accept the following file formats for your attachments: Word doc and docx; please do not send a pdf;
  • we accept png, tiff, and jpeg formats for photographs; please make sure the resolution quality is as high as you can make it;
  • we obtain nonexclusive English world rights for digital publication and maintain ATHENA as a continuous scroll of titles;
  • please submit work to our Submittable page only (BUTTON BELOW);
  • finally, we sometimes make acceptance of a piece for publication contingent on the author undertaking small editorial changes to the substance of the piece (rather than mere copyedits, which we also reserve the right to make), when the work is straddling the line between acceptance and rejection or when the piece is otherwise quite strong, but has a small area of concern to the editors—in other words, something doesn’t sit just right yet. These edits are offered in the spirit of collaboration between author and editor (as all good editorial relationships should be) and as a way of making the writing stronger.
MORIA Literary Magazine